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N-ECO Initatives

As a company we have realized that we have a large impact on the environment. As such we wish to make a positive difference. Although small what we do can have big impact. As such we are working on many new Environmental Initiatives.

Our primary goal is to reduce the amount of none decomposable waste That goes into our/ your local landfills. (Harmful plastics ext.) 


We have already committed to using none plastic packing materials (Bubble rap, Foam Peanuts, ext.) Instead we use primarily recycled newspapers. Thus using a material that can not only be recycled upon delivery but one that Decomposes in our landfills quite quickly. ( 6 weeks appose to the 20-1000 Years it can take plastics)


We are also working on a packaging recycling program so stay tuned for more info on that. Although unfinished we will say that this program would allow stores to save our packaging (Box, Plastic grip hangers ext) Items that almost always just get tossed in the garbage, and have them sent back to us to be re-used. Thus reducing the amount of these item being made, ergo reducing the impact on our landfills. Stay tuned for more info. 


Join us in making small changes to have a large impact.