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North Scooters Arrow Head Complete

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NORTH SCOOTERS ARROW HEAD COMPLETE IN SCOOTERS COMPLETES - COMPLETESThe North Arrowhead is a great complete scooter for bigger riders and street riders alike. This Complete has a ton of features you won’t find on any other complete and is built to last.

 The Arrowhead was designed for riders who wanted a bigger deck but couldn’t afford aftermarket options. It comes out of the box with the 4.8” x 21.75” arrowhead deck which is super heavy duty and built to last.  On top of this awesome footplate the deck also features a unique 3d forged headtube. To top it all of it includes our stark bars, SCS compression and 120mm wheels. All in all, making it a versatile complete that is great for people looking to ride more street or bigger riders that need something good to go out of the box.

 As far as high-end street completes go the Arrowhead really has it all, and North was able to deliver all these features at a much better price than comparable completes on the market, making it a no brainer for people in the market for a complete scooter.

USA MRSP $270.00 USD