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The Palette Video | North Scooters

Posted on abril 17 2021

6.2 Horizon Promo

The Horizon deck is back with a twist.

Still packed with all the great features available in the original horizon deck, the Horizon 6.2 features a 3d forged headtube, CNC aluminum dropouts, and a flat bottom profile. On top of this the Horizon 6.2 has a few improvements of its own like our new lightweight rounded dropouts a more curved profile and changes to the footplate for added strength. Finished off with new graphics and translucent paint finishes, the Horizon 6.2 is everything the horizon was with just the right things to make it something new. For a while now, the industry has been moving toward people riding wider and wider decks and we are happy to be providing such a great option to this market.


A few members of the North team: Jon Devrind, Cameron McRobbie, Jackson Brower, Jonas Johnson and Ethan Kirk got to work early this spring in order to bring you all a promo video for the release of the new Horizon!


Take a look for yourself at the video linked above to see what the all new horizon deck is capable of, and then follow this link (North 6.2 Horizon Deck) to grab one of your very own before they're all gone!

6.2 Horizon Decks