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Jonas Johnson Signature Wheels

Posted on noviembre 15 2020

Yo Jonas What’s good? How’s life treating ya, What have you been getting up to, Where you at?
Hey man, lifes been pretty good. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, lately I’ve been working a lot to build my career as an HVAC technician and fitting in personal creative pursuits
wherever I can. Scoping out spots, tinkering with electronic projects to incorporate into videos
etc. Your signature wheel is just about to drop and after getting an early look at these I'm loving the
colourway you went with. How did you choose this combo?
All I can say is ever since Jordan Jasa dropped his black and red colorway- it’s been my favorite combo. One thing that really stands out to me is the core graphic you went with. Would you mind shedding some light on how you decided on this graphic and what it means to you? That graphic is a scan of the first block print I attempted a few years ago when a lot of my time was consumed by college. I spent a significant amount of my down time in my room working on
various ideas for videos and art in general. The print was inspired by the ancient rock Kona Dolomite, a rock that is local to me and is stratified with fossilised blue-green algae. I carved the design in linoleum over the course of a week or so, and made close to a hundred prints until I liked the result. It wasn't until this opportunity that I was able to put it to some use. What the design means to me is a little more complicated. By accident it embodied a truth that
surfaces in my life quite regularly. I drew hard lines, carved hard lines, I was happy with it and the way I thought it would turn out. But when I coated it with ink and pressed it into the paper, the viscosity of the ink took my original idea and added complex textures that I never could have imagined, or even carved. The first time I pulled the block from the paper, it quite honestly felt like a metaphor. It doesn't matter how well you plan something out, how vividly you envision it-
there's always some aspect you can't see or predict. Those individual shapes within the larger strata represent the small details that make up something much bigger, and are arguably the
more interesting aspect of the print and life in general.
Along with the core graphics, there’s some really cool graphics featured around the urethane diameter, what are those in reference to? And was there anybody that helped in the creation
process of those? Those figures were drawn by my buddy Jess Neimi- from individual frames in an unfinished
video I filmed in San Francisco over a year ago. I really gotta finish that project haha. Thanks for the intel man, Is there any other shoutouts you want to make while you’re here? My pleasure. I’d like to give a shoutout to my bro Andrew Ozanich, the only dude up here doing
it right on the scoot, my girlfriend Alivia Rouse for being so supportive and encouraging through this childhood-adulthood limbo period of my life, Jess Neimi for all his help with graphics, Jacob
Houseman for working with me on my video ideas, and of course my parents for leading me in the right direction and always supporting my hobbies.