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Product Spotlight: Campus Bars

Posted on febrero 04 2022

We really kept you waiting, didn’t we?

It had been many years since we decided to head into the bar market again. The Campus bar is our newest foray into the scooter bar world. Featuring a classic, and timeless design, The Campus is a T-bar, made with 4130 chromoly, a perfect balance of lightweight and durability. The Campus bars feature a height of 28", and a width of 24", sure to fit any riders size.


There isn’t really much more to say about the Campus bars, they speak for themselves, but I suppose we could touch on the many colourways available, created to match our extensive colour palette our current and past products have formed.


Within our first release of the Campus bars, we offered the classics, Matte Black and Translucent Raw, but the standout in our opinion was the Translucent Orange, especially when matched with the accompanying willow deck! The newest iteration of the Campus collection, features a new colourway, Translucent Jade, as well as our new branding created by Bror Svensson, a small but necessary touch!