Welcome to North | Riley Maltais

Welcome to North | Riley Maltais

Welcome to North | Riley Maltais

Riley Maltais - Welcome to North

It’s been a long time coming, but the moment is finally here. Riley Maltais, or better known ‘Mr.Odee’ is finally officially a part of the North team!

Riley has been on an absolute tear, taking scootering to all new levels the past few years, with each upload further dropping our jaws to the floor, and we couldn’t be more stoked to have him riding under the North Scooter banner!

Bringing us this insane part, Riley teamed up with homie Owen Duvel behind the lens, and filmed mainly within Boston and Providence. The majority of the filming took place on weekends throughout the winter while Riley was still in school, and some was filmed just recently as the summer season began.

The welcome video for the ages has so many revolutionary combos, it definitely one of those parts you’ve got to watch more than once just to wrap your head around what Riley’s able to throw down. With an effortless style, and a trick selection that'll make you scream out loud, Riley and Owen have created a video that I believe will be talked about for a long time now.

Welcome to the North family Riley. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.

If you haven’t already, you can watch Riley’s welcome video below, or on our youtube channel, here. 

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