Better now - Jon DeVrind | A video by Stephan August

Better now - Jon DeVrind | A video by Stephan August

Better now - Jon DeVrind | A video by Stephan August

Better now - Jon DeVrind | A video by Stephan August

Written by: Ethan Kirk

With the release of Jon DeVrind’s newest video: Better Now, Filmed by Stephen August we decided to catch up with Jon and get a few words from him regarding the process, the product, and the release of his newest video.


J = Jon, E = Ethan

E: Personally I don’t think there’s many things that are better than the feeling of releasing a new video, how are you feeling currently after the release of ‘better now’?

J: Feelings in the title man, I’m better now lol. all jokes aside though it’s always tight seeing what people think of a new project.. & coming off an injury with footage ready to go was a great feeling.

E: You were out of a commission for a hot minute there, with a heavy recovery period. What was the percentage of clips pre-injury/post-injury roughly? If any were filmed afterwards?

J: So everything was pre-injury starting December of last year and capping off April of this year. pretty weird chain of events but stephan damn near cracked a rib the first day of filming, i bodied my ankle the last day of filming.

E: Started and ended with a bang.

I guess it’s a little late in the interview to be finally giving kudos, but I really enjoyed the vid in its entirety, both you and Stephan created something beautiful.

Comparing older videos you’ve released, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised by the first track in the part, how’d you end up using Giveon? and do you want to shed any light on the second track while you’re at it? I’ve yet to hear of 'End it', and they’ve definitely got at-least one new fan in me now

J: It was in a timeline for stephan’s latest project for stranger at its early stages “alright imma head out” (if you haven’t peeped that please do) we threw some of my clips in the timeline jus to scope and it went dumb so we stuck with it. I’m not normally hip to some slow shit for videos but it worked out. The second song just hits so hard, that band deserves the world & the frontman is an absolute artist. i also like giving people an idea of what music i listen to daily within my videos these days, lil gaze into my personality i guess. Also if you can understand the lyrics (or just look 'em up) there’s some things to live by in that short minute thirty that is “lifer”. i’m saying also a lot huh


'End It - One Way Track' via Flatspot Records Youtube


E: I feel like most know a video part you’re putting so much time into should ideally be, in a small regard a reflection of your personality, and life outside of scootering, so I definitely agree.  Talking more about scootering now, do you have any standout favourites from this video?

 I know the first time I watched it, the fakie feeble -fakie nose- tooth front one, was a standout for me that I just kept thinking about throughout the video. Some serious body breaker type stuff going on there.


J:  I tried a more laid back approach with the clips this time around, I can admit that tooth cab is one of my least favorites. didn’t make it to the end of the ledge & wobbled around like a jackass but it was difficult so whatever. if i were to pick a few it would be the nose 3 sex change, the hardway 3 nose jam & the fakie manny double bar. The ledge was so short & it was slatted wood so your wheel would grab it if you landed in the lil gap and just press the eject button on you.

E: Really? I guess it just shows how differently people interpret parts, that or I’ve got bad taste hahaha 

I guess just to top it all off, any words you want to end this article off with? Any thanks? Any shoutouts?

J: shouts stephan for barring that video and for always willing to host me in LB to film, talk shit and have beers. shouts to his lady madison for open arms as well. shoutout my parents for being supportive always. my beautiful girlfriend Stephanie for being the most down lady ever. shouts Devin, ryan, and Derek for willing to throw their art in the project as well. shouts my long beach family ian sportz, aiden, troy etc. shouts scootering man idk shits tight 🤝

If you haven't already, You can watch Jon's newest video below, or follow this link to our Youtube channel to watch it over there!

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