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Bror Svensson Signature Wheels

Posted on August 12 2020

Yo, what’s good bror? Your signature wheels are about to drop and getting our first look here, your wheels are clean!


Everyone likes a black on black wheel. How did you decide on that colorway?


For anyone who knows me the all black colorway of the wheel just makes sense. I've ridden an all black setup for the majority of my scooter "career" and outside of that darkness has always intrigued me, so it made sense for my signature part to be inspired by that too. 



I really like the graphics you decided on, what are the odds you could give us some insight towards the meaning behind the graphics?

The graphic, without going to in depth, is of a tree line that goes around the wheel. That tree line is a graphical illustration of the one in the backyard of my parents house that leads into the forest.
Nature has always been very important to me throughout my life's ups and downs and it’s a place where I spent a lot of my childhood with friends.

Anything else you wanted to shoutout while you’re here?

I'd love to give a huge thank you to north for giving me this opportunity, i truly don't know what I've done too deserve the spot I'm at right now within the scootering community. I would also want to point out that to any young kids who is feeling like they will never "make it" anywhere in scootering due to their skill level, where they're etc, I'm a living example of how all those things really do not matter. Just express who you truly are and you will stand out and get where you want to be.