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Cameron McRobbie Signature Wheels

Posted on July 25 2020

We Hit up our boy Cameron to to get some more info from the man himself on his New Signature Wheels that just dropped, his inspirations, how he chose the colorway and the graphic ideation process:


Yo what’s good cam?

Not much is up! just doing some work around the house right now :) 

Cameron McRobbie

Photo: Pol A. Foguet


 So your signature wheels are just about to drop, give us a little insight into the colorway, it’s super clean, so how’d you come up with that?

For my wheel colour way, I really wanted to keep it clean, but still create something that would grab peoples attentions & pop out. 

Red has always been one of my favourite colours, so I figured it would be fitting to pair up with the clear urethane. I really love the way that light shines through clear urethane.





You’re a big fan of vibrant colours, and the red core definitely showcases that, mind giving us a little insight towards the graphics you have on the cores? What’s the meaning behind those?


I wanted the graphics to be subtle, but still tell a story about me & who I am. 
On the cores of the wheels you can see the iconography of a martini glass, a chicken, & a camera. 
I decided on these three symbols because at the time that I was designing these wheels, those were the things that my life revolved around outside of scooters.
I was attending post secondary school for Photography, hence why there’s a camera. I was also waiting tables at two different restaurants at the time, hence the chicken & the martini glass.. One of the restaurants that I worked at was a bar & grill, that specialized in cocktails & martinis. The other one was a rotisserie grill that specializes in chicken & ribs.
I don’t work at either of the restaurants anymore, & I’ve graduated from my school for photography. 
Having the icons on the wheels is an amazing reminder of what it took me to get to where I’m at today.
Cameron McRobbie Signature Wheels

Any shoutouts you wanted to make? Any self promo?

Shout out to all of my friends and family for constantly supporting me through everything that I do, & a huge shout out to North scooters & Ride Trynyty for always keeping me rolling


You can pick up a pair of Cam's new signature wheels following the links below, or head over the products tab of our site to check out the wide range of new products that just dropped!

Cameron McRobbie Signature Wheels

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