Jordan Tutt | SPIN THE BLOCK

Jordan Tutt | SPIN THE BLOCK

Jordan Tutt | SPIN THE BLOCK

We took some time to catch up with our guy Jordan Tutt and Justin Phillips, who just recently dropped a new video on the North channel titled: "SPIN THE BLOCK". 

What’s good y’all, How you been living? What’s new, what are you looking forward to?

Jordan: I've been pretty good actually just taking it easy also started rehab so I'm on the road to recovery thank god🙏🏾

Justin: I’ve been great, Just been working a bunch and trying to ride and film as much as possible. I also have a few projects I have in my head that I’m working on coming to life.


You both recently put out the “spin the block part”, how do you feel the initial reaction has  been? Also how’d y’all come up with the name?

Jordan: Spin the block came about because I unfortunately got injured at the New York jam so I kind of wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be back soon (spin the block)


Justin: Everybody seems to be super hyped in the video, and that makes me happier than ever. Tutty has progressed an insane amount since I started riding with him years back and he deserves big things in this industry. For the name of the video I was originally thinking of calling it “Half time” but I was starting to think it was whack so I asked Tutt what he thinks we should call it and that's how we got “SPIN THE BLOCK”

I guess this one’s probably more focused towards Justin, but did you guys have a specific vibe you were going for with this video,  did you take any inspiration from anything out already, or did y'all just wing it and see what the final product would be once you got there?

Justin: I mostly never really have a plan for most of my videos. We kind of just start filming and see where it takes us.

The video is what I like to call a “two-parter” for lack of a better term, meaning you’ve got two separate tracks in this video. How’d you decide on the music you used? Was there any deliberation, or were the tracks you picked in your head already while filming? I think it was Dylan Kasson, he used to say he picked his tracks out before he started filming and would listen to the track every time he filmed. I know that strategy doesn’t work for me, but I’m interested to see what it’s like for you.

Jordan: I decided on the music this time around even though I knew Justin had a few good tunes up his sleeve but I honestly listen to that song often and felt it fit really well


Justin: I have a crazy long list of songs I want to use for videos in my head. I’m constantly thinking about it honestly. I put videos together in my head before I even start filming for them. I am a huge day dreamer... always thinking about spots and videos hahaha. As for this video Tutty picked the first song and while editing I knew it needed a good Wu-Tang instrumental to seal the deal and it worked just as imagined.

I guess moving into the actual video itself now, How long were you filming for this part? And did it all take place relatively locally? Or did you travel around a bit for this part?

Jordan: Sheesh I'm actually not sure.. Justin may correct me on this but imma say 5 months give or take bc we don't film as much as we could. We travelled to DC for the Green bowl Jam so a few clips are from there which was absolutely a blast it's always a vibe when you're out of town stacking clips

Are there any clips that stand out to you when thinking back to filming this part? Even if not for the clip itself, but the adventures that happened while filming? 

Jordan: There's a clip where I stick the middle finger up and proceed to nose manny on a loading dock metal gate, I guess you can call it but after I landed that we enjoyed a nice beer and listened to some sick jams at al local bar minutes away. It was a groovy night.

The mind-melter for me in this part has got to be the line you pulled on the loading docks. Firstly, bar twists are already hard as it is for me, then you got to add the wallie, but to top it all off, you defied gravity and pulled that nose three to fakie. What clips stood out to you as favourites?

Tutty: That clip is the one that did it for me🤣 I kind of couldn't believe it actually worked. I love nose manny variations.


Justin: I know the loading dock clip is all of our favourites. But my two personal favourites are the yellow flat bar line and his 360 to manny ender. The flat bar line came out of nowhere, and the three manny is just insanely difficult. Anyone that’s been to the spot knows.

Lastly, just to close this one out as I don’t want to keep you too long. Who helped y’all while filming this part, and are there any shout outs you want to give before we head out?

Tutty: Justin is the most help honestly. He makes all the magic happen. Shoutout Hunter Bechtle and young crusso those guys helped me land a lot of these tricks thru pure motivation and I couldn't thank them enough 🖤


Justin: Shout out to Jersey and the whole east coast and everyone in the world that has ever supported me. It will never go unnoticed

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