Product Spotlight: The Tomahawk Complete

Product Spotlight: The Tomahawk Complete

Product Spotlight: The Tomahawk Complete

The Tomahawk Complete

Taking a look at the North complete range, the Tomahawk complete is my personal standout. I’ve had the chance to ride each of the completes we offer, and although they’re all solid, being the ‘Lanky’ Individual I am, The tomahawk is the pick for me personally as it fits me the best. 

The Tomahawk deck comes in at a size of 5.5” wide, and 21.5” long, the perfect size for a hybrid deck, allowing it to be maneuvered around easily, while still retaining a large amount of grind space, perfect for 50’s in the streets or Skatepark boosting! Paired with some large T bars at a size of 22.5” wide by 26” high, The Tomahawk is one of the only completes on the market offering bars the size of most aftermarket products! 

The Tomahawk also features SCS compression, which is an industry standard compression that can effortlessly fit any aftermarket product you want to add to the scooter when the time arises. When I started riding 12 years ago, Complete scooters were few and far between, and an SCS compression could never be found offered on a complete scooter. What this meant was, as your products reached the point of breaking after wear and tear, you’d likely have to upgrade your whole compression system to SCS if you wanted to ride many of the products on the market. For a complete scooter to be offering this compression off the bat, not only does it set up the rider for an easy replacement system, It also provides them with the tried and true industry favourite system right away, which is a phenomenal step in the ease of access of scootering!


Check out this Tomahawk Video we created in 2020 with the help of Ontario shredder Luke Kashiyama.  *The Tomahawk featured in this video is the older model, featuring smaller dimensions, although many of the core components that make the Tomahawk so special are still included.

Another huge development in the complete world: The Tomahawk also features one of the newest innovations in scootering,  115 x 30mm wheels! In recent years, scooter wheels have progressed past our initial 100/110mm dimensions and offered a worthy replacement in the form of wider, larger wheels. The 30mm width urethane provides a larger surface area for riding, and a smoother, faster roll. Not only does this assist in manual tricks, it also assists in the overall ‘roll-feel’ of the scooter. I personally haven’t touched anything other than 30mm wheels since they arrived within scootering, and if you’re still unsure whether the size jump is for you, try to take my word for it, it’s a world of difference! 

 Overall, the Tomahawk really is the perfect complete for any rider looking to get into street riding or someone who’s a little bigger and needs a scooter that is comfortable 

The awesome components along with the killer paint finishes and unique graphics all tie the tomahawk together nicely, paired with such a versatile design we are confident the tomahawk is everything one could want out of a complete scooter. 

For a full lists of components, sizes and colourways, check out the Tomahawk product page here, or scroll down to read them in list form below.


Deck: 5.5” wide x 21.5” long (140mm x 546mm) 

Bar: 22.5” wide x 26” high (571mm x 660mm) 



Deck: North extruded deck 5.5" wide x 21.5” long (6061-T6 alu) 

Bars: North t bar 25" high x 22.5" wide (4130 chromo) 

Forks: Amber 30mm fork - 120mm compatible 

Clamp: Hammer scs - 6mm bolts 

Headset: North integrated headset 

Compression: SCS 

Wheels: Signal wheels 115 x 30mm - 88a pu 

Brake: Flex brake (fits 30mm wheels) 

Grips: Essential grips with nylon bar ends 

Welds: Tig robotic and hand 


Total Height: 920mm

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