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Ethan Howell-Team Manager/ North Designer, OG rider

Ethan is one of the main brains behind North scooters and its success.

He is responsible for all of the design ideas, and Product advancements. He is also the brains behind the social media marketing of the brand, and our team manager.

Ethan's been a major part of the scooter industry in and around central Alberta for almost a decade. He was the scooter expert at local extreme sports shop ShopNomads. Working to build there scooter and Hard goods Sections. Its there that he was discovered.

Teaming up with Marc Pritchard the two of them brought North to life. Shortly after our launch they brought Stewart on board. Today these three team up to make Norths Leadership a strong, Vision based Trio.  

Ethans passionate vision for where North Should go, continues to be our guiding light and we are very excited to see it grow and flourish under these three amazing gents.